Mava Leighty - Realtor with Vicki Lee Green Realtors



“I don’t just sell homes, I simply help you find your way home.”

This is Mava’s definition of success: If you wonder how Mava’s previous clients feel about working with her, check out her testimonials. Her list of satisfied and enthusiastic clients, and their repeat business and referrals of friends are very gratifying to her.

Mava was raised by realtors and has a deep understanding of our unique real estate market in the Roaring Fork Valley. She has the market savvy and years of experience to help both buyers and sellers evaluate comparable properties to find exceptional value in their real estate endeavors. She can be relied upon to support her clients before and long after the sale.

She volunteers for groups such as the American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, C.A.R.E. (the local animal shelter), and the Association of Realtors Board of Directors. Her leisure time is spent traveling with her family, enjoying local hiking trails and outdoor fun with her dogs, reading, cooking, and crafting.

Mava is an understated master of her craft.  Weaving a disposition of expertise, warmth and patience, Mava’s  guidance gave us all the space and clarity we needed to find the perfect home for our unique needs and circumstances. — Scott and Lisa

It certainly has been a wonderful and very fortunate experience we have had in working with and knowing Mava Leighty!  Her experience and skills become a valuable tool when looking for just the right home.  She truly helped us find our Shangri la! — F. and R.

We knew we were going to be moving back to the valley. So one of my trips out here I was driving around looking at houses with ‘for sale’ signs.  I found one that looked interesting and called the name on the sign and got Mava.  She showed me several houses during my visit, but nothing materialized.  In the meantime, my brother was moving to the valley and asked me if I knew of a good realtor, I told him my experience with Mava.  She was able to help him find the right place that he bought and is now living in. Then a few months after that, I was back in the valley and asked Mava to show me some more homes. There was this one, that seemed just a bit out of reach for us, but since she knew what we were looking for suggested that we look at it anyway.  We looked, and it was the perfect house for us.   It turned out that it wasn’t out of reach for us, so we now live happily in an incredibly beautiful home.  Thanks Mava! — L. and R.