If you want or need to sell real estate we would love to discuss your options. We provide a free market analysis to help you determine the current value of your property. But, that is just the beginning. Your property has a combination of characteristics and features that no other property has. So, at Vicki Lee Green Realtors your free, custom evaluation is based upon facts, but created uniquely. To get started, select one of our agents or simply contact our agency.

For a successful sale, it is critical to advertise your property to the right market. How quickly you need or want to sell, your sale price, and the type of property define your target market. Our expert agents will assist you in presenting your property accurately, with emphasis on those features that buyers find attractive. We also offer free helpful information (home inspection documents, relocation info, other reference documents) for you to consider when preparing your property for sale.

During the thirty-plus years that we have been in business we have seen just about every real estate market condition and want to serve as your trusted advisor in marketing and selling your property. Our agents work tirelessly to stay current with market and business trends, and to maintain constant communication with you during the listing and sale process. We use a variety of communication methods, depending on your preferences. Email and websites are great tools for communicating quickly. But, those are one-way channels and sometimes you want more dialog.

Our goal is to help you establish the market value of your property, determine the right strategy for listing and advertising, and then assist you through the sale. We are great communicators, but most importantly we are great listeners. We will explain the real estate selling process to your satisfaction because we believe that understanding this process is a key to our successful partnership and your real estate sale.