Tonya Nieslanik - Owner Broker with Vicki Lee Green Real Estate

Tonya Green-Neislanik

Co-Owner/ Broker

(970) 379-9799

LaPriel Armijo - Realtor with Vicki Lee Green Realtors

LaPriel Armijo

Broker Associate

(970) 379-0992


Jenn Connor Smith

Broker Associate

(970) 948-4060


Mikaela Guettler-Cain

Broker Associate

(970) 309-5806

Michelle James - Owner Broker with Vicki Lee Green Real Estate

Michelle James

Co-Owner/ Broker

(970) 379-4997


Denise Stewart

Personal Assistant to Michelle James

(970) 945-1010


Mava Leighty

Broker Associate

(970) 379-8278


Victoria Marrapodi

Broker Associate

(970) 366-6651

Seller Staging Services:​

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Staging Your Home:

Staging is done in preparation of selling a home and can include de-cluttering, rearranging, cleaning, brightening, remodeling, and bringing in home-decor items that increase a property’s perceived value and appeal.

Stage My Listings offers services for all home staging needs. Contact them today!


Mountain Home Photography has helped our clients sell more than $4 billion in real estate in the past 15 years with affordable, high-quality photography and video – from small condos to luxury estates.

Give us a call to book photography, video, aerial, or an interactive 360° tour of your next rental property or real estate listing.